From One Bride To Another!

Upscale wedding events tailored to the budget bride with expensive taste!

We are 'buy and sell' event organisers bringing together those who are in the planning stages of their wedding looking to buy wedding attire and those who have been recently married and want to resell their decorations. Also open to all wedding-related vendors: venues, photographers, florists, dress shops, tailors, hair & makeup artists, table decorators, cake suppliers etc - we offer the perfect, face to face experience to buy, sell and recycle all things wedding related.

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Hello, Sellers!

Did you have the most fantastic wedding? Would you like to share that experience and earn yourself some money?
Sell your beautiful wedding accessories and wedding attire to future brides.

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Hello, Buyers!

Are you looking for some amazing table decorations. Maybe you are looking for a designer gown or bridesmaid dresses?
Interested? Please leave your e-mail address and city to be notified of our next event.

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